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Boost company culture by connecting colleagues

Build strong connections with colleagues through social breaks! Increase collaboration and enhance well-being in the workplace.

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Schedule breaks with colleagues from all departments

Workbreak transforms workplace connections by fostering relationships across teams and silos. Our platform empowers employees to connect through short activity-driven breaks. Seamlessly integrated with their work calendar, WorkBreak conveniently helps schedule breaks in between meetings and focus time.

A selection of key features

Discover the best of Workbreak

Elevate your workplace experience with WorkBreak's essential tools.

See who is available

Effortlessly discover which colleagues are free for a break, and take the opportunity to connect with professionals from various departments within your company.

Find colleagues by name, title, department or interest
Sync breaks with your schedule

Workbreak seamlessly integrates with your work calendar, sending reminders and blocking time for your breaks.

Get to know your colleagues

Explore your colleagues' interests, roles, and personalities through personal profiles. Build connections and a vibrant work community by discovering more about the people you work with.

Approach your breaks differently

Suggest activities for your break

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Effortless Integration: Every Employee Receives Onboarding of WorkBreak
Strengthen Your Company Culture with Cross-Team Conversations
Boost Collaboration and Unity: Encourage Interactions Across Departments and Unleash the Power of Meaningful Connections
Explore WorkBreak's key features
Break Scheduling
Match with Colleagues
Explore Interests
Break Activities
Chat Feature
Badge and Achievements
Colleague Overview
Personal Profile
Company Events
Sync breaks with schedule
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Unlock the potential of social breaks.

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